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Scout Programs at PMEC

We offer a variety of naturalist-led programs that your girl or boy scout troop can schedule at your convenience. Groups of all ages can come to the Peabody Mill Environmental Center to learn about science, nature, animals, the environment, and much more.  Many troops tailor their programs to the pins and/or badges that they are earning. Programs may be scheduled at your convenience, either after school or over the weekend.  Workshops held at the PMEC typically include time spent outdoors, so please come dressed appropriately for the weather. Pricing varies depending on length of program and number of attendees.   
For more information please call Celina Dutremble, PMEC Program Coordinator at 603-673-1141 or at 

**Create Your Own Program – We love thinking outside of the box!! If you’ve got something else in mind, or want to “mix and match” a program just let us know and we’ll create something just for your troop!

Troop Campout (Badge=Cooking, Camping, Outdoor, Wilderness Survival, Outdoor Explores, Exploration &Troop Camping)
Pitch a tent and spend the night. The ultimate outdoor adventure!

Outdoor Cooking - Learn how to cook on an open fire. Bring your appetite!

Orienteering (Badge=Orienteering, Outdoor Explores, Hiking, Geocaching, Wilderness Survival)
Turn off the cell because you won’t need GPS on this hike. Grab a map and a compass and go out and explore.

Hiking (Badge=Hiking, Nature, Adventure, Backpacking, Exploration, Wilderness Survival)
Explore all the trails at PMEC!

Full Moon Hiking (Badge=Adventure, Hiking, Naturalist, Outdoor Exploration & Camping)
Explore PMEC at NIGHT!!! Lose the flashlight and let the full moon show you the way.

Lantern Walks (Badge=Adventure, Hiking, Outdoor Explores, Exploration & Nature)
First make your own lantern, then let your creation be your guide.

Fishing Pond Adventures (Badge=Fishing, Canoeing, Naturalist, Outdoor Adventure)
Want to try fishing but don’t have a pole? No problem, borrow one of ours! We’ll even show you how to use it on our own pond.

Who Done It? Forensics (Badge=Science & Technology, Adventure, Chemistry) Hands on imaginary crime scene investigation. Learn about scientific techniques used to find evidence. Under a microscope and using chemistry will surely help you solve the crime.

Kitchen Science (Badge=Science & Technology, Do-It-Yourself, Chemistry)   Who didn’t like the great Mentos Candy Eruption!?! Come discover more fun & fascinating science experiments.

NSI(Badge=Forestry, Insect Studies, Naturalist)
Nature Scene Investigation- Who makes those mounds of dirt appear out of nowhere? What other secrets are hiding right under our noses? Come find out as we explore the mysteries of the forest!

Backyard Science (Badge=Forestry, Insect Studies, Naturalist)
Let’s explore natures many mysteries right in your own backyard! We will learn how to catch and identify different insects in the garden and yard. We’ll even learn how to attract helpful animals to our area.

Woodland Shelter Adventure (Badge=Forrest, Nature, Wilderness Survival, Outdoor Explores)
Using materials found and collected in nature, scouts will work together to design and build magical Fairy/Gnome houses and furniture.

The Great Water Adventure (Badge=Naturalists, Outdoor Explores Science & Technology, Outdoor, Nature Insect Studies)
Why do some things float on water? What’s in the pond water? Learn what’s behind water and its amazing power.

Solar System (Badge=Geocaching, Outdoor Explores, Science & Technology) Come join us as we explore the inner workings of our solar system. What plant would you want to explore??

Eco-Friendly Adventures (Badge=Nature, Plant Studies, Soil & Water Conservation, Forestry)
Our adventure will help your scout gain an appreciation of their natural surroundings. Come and learn the Three R’s of green living.

Plant Chemistry (Badge=Nature, Plant Study, Naturalist)
Let’s explore which plants are good to eat, which ones are used for medicine, and much more!

Star Gazers (Badge=Astronomy, Art in the Outdoors, Outdoor Explores, Science & Technology)
Explore the night sky with us as we discover the different constellations and much more. (Please note this program runs at different times depending on weather)

Life in a Bottle (Badge=Astronomy, Art in the Outdoors, Outdoor Explores, Science & Technology)
Be the sole creator of your own world. Build an ecosystem within a bottle and observe how natural processes occur. Join us in making a world that you can hold in the palm of your hand. (Each Scout should bring a clean 2-liter bottle and a clean pasta jar with lid)

Kayaking/Paddle boarding (Badge=Kayaking, Outdoor Explores, Outdoor, Adventure) Why just swim in the lake when you can be on the lake?
Come and explore all around beautiful Baboosic Lake on paddle boards or kayaks. It’s a blast!

Pump Track Ride (Badge=Sports, Athletics, Outdoor)
Grab your bike and hit the Track! Maybe you’ll even learn some new tricks.

Disk Golf Course (Badge=Sports, Athletics, Outdoor)
Explore the fun and easy game of Disk Golf. Bring your Frisbee and explore the new course at Birch Park.