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Birch Park - Disc Golf Course at Birch Park


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Birch Park
Disc Golf Course at Birch Park
Pump Track at Birch Park

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Facility Area Information

11 Baboosic Lake Road
Amherst, NH 03031
Contact: Amherst Recreation  

Disc Golf Course Rules and Procedures
Click here for interactive map of Birch Park

Birch Park Disc Golf Rules

Birch Park Hours – Sun Up to Sun Down
  • This is an alcohol and tobacco free park.
  • This course is to be used at your own risk.
  • Safety First! Never throw when players are within range.
  • Always avoid harm to wildlife, vegetation, & natural features.
  • Allow groups in front of you to finish the hole before teeing off.
  • Allow faster groups to “Play Through” when possible.
Courtesy Rules – The one who has the most fun wins!
The game of Disc Golf consists of throwing a flying disc from the teeing area to a basket by means of a throw.  One stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown.  The winner is the golfer with the lowest score.
Please note:  This course has been designed as a recreational course with challenges for all.  Please do your part in helping to maintain the course.  If you see a stick or branch that is in the way, please move it. 

If you have any issues or see something in need of repair please call the Amherst Parks & Recreation Department at 673-6248.  

This course is still a work in progress.  

Parks crews will be visible on the course.  If you see them working on a specific hole, please skip the hole for now.  

Please either carry all trash out or place it in the provided trash cans.

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